Getting Started
Build from sources

This guide will shows you how to easily build XELIS from sources.

Install Git (if not already installed)

Official Git installation guide at (opens in a new tab).

This software allows you to clone the project directly on your device.

Install Rust and Cargo (if not already installed)

Official Rust installation guide at (opens in a new tab).

Rust is the programming language used by XELIS.

It is a compiled language that needs its toolchain to produce binaries from sources to work on your device.

Cargo is the package manager of Rust and allows for easier build, dependencies managements and much more.

Clone the blockchain repository

Open your operating system's command-line interface (CLI) and download the source code using Git.

git clone

This will create a local copy of the source code in a folder named xelis-blockchain.

Navigate to the repository

Navigate to the repository using the following command: cd xelis-blockchain

Build the project with Cargo

cargo build --bin xelis_daemon

To build all project (daemon, wallet, miner), use cargo build.
To build a release version in production-ready mode with optimizations, use cargo build --release.
To run immediately in debug mode, use cargo run --bin xelis_daemon.

It is recommended to build it using --release, for developers that want to contribute and needs fast building, they can use debug mode.

After building the binary, run the executable available in
./target/debug or ./target/release

Run it

Now that you have successfully build the software, see Configuration.