Getting Started
Create your wallet using CLI

CLI (Command Line Interface) Wallet

XELIS Wallet (CLI) is a command-line interface wallet for the XELIS network, in which you interact with the menu-based wallet using the command line in a terminal. This is useful for users who prefer to use the terminal or for servers that don't have a graphical interface.

It is the main software to manage your balances, send and receive transactions, and much more.
It is a fully encrypted wallet, meaning that your data is safe and secure.


This guide will show you how to create your first wallet on XELIS. In order to follow this guide, it requires that you already have the wallet software on your device. If you don't have one, please follow the Build from sources page.

Run the wallet

  • Open a terminal.
  • Run the wallet software by typing ./xelis_wallet in the terminal.

Create a new wallet

  • Type create in the terminal.
  • Choose a name for your wallet. This name will be used to identify your wallet.
  • Choose a password for your wallet. This password will be used to encrypt your wallet file.
  • Confirm your password by typing it again.

Write down your seed

Now you are in your wallet and you can start using it. This will print you your 25 words representing your seed phrase. Please write them down and keep them safe.

Once it is done, press ENTER to make it disappear from the screen.

Connect to a node

In case you are not connected to any node, your wallet will show Offline in red in the bottom bar. To connect to a node, you can use online_mode <node_address> in the wallet directly.

At launch, the wallet also try to connect to your local daemon if its running on the default port. In case you started the node after the wallet, you can just write online_mode and it will try to connect to the local daemon.

Close your wallet

To close your wallet, you can use the exit command in the wallet directly.

Open your wallet

To open your wallet again, start the wallet software again and use the open command and write the name you give previously to your wallet. Give your password and you will be back in your wallet.